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  • We tend to prepare for all other major life events, such as the birth of a child, a wedding, a move or relocation, but “half of Americans don’t have any of the most basic estate planning documents, including a will, a living will and financial and medical powers of attorney needed to protect them and their assets if they become incapacitated”.
  • According to survey results, indications are that about half of Americans with children do not have a will.
  • If you die without a will, the state will decide how your property is distributed.
  • There are only 16 states in which the living spouse inherits everything if there is not a will.
  • Only one in three African American adults (32%) and one in four Hispanic American adults (26%) have wills, compared to more than half (52%) of White Americans.

“Bad things happen to the families of good people who die without a will”.

There is nothing more devastating than to lose a loved one through death, through physical or emotional incapacitation, and health loss or even through military deployment. But what worsens the devastation is when you try to make arrangements, find papers, or make calls and you don’t know where to start. Where is the insurance policy? Where are the keys to the second car? What is the name and phone number of the job supervisor?

The color PINK was partially chosen for this project because according to surveys conducted in Europe and the United States, it is the color most commonly associated with politeness, intuitiveness, insightfulness, showing tenderness and kindness with empathy and sensitivity. It is a sign of HOPE, inspiring warm and comforting feelings giving a sense that everything will be okay. It relates to unconditional LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. It is the color of UNIVERSAL LOVE.

As a division of A More Excellent Way, The R.O. Angel Project provides coaching, consultation and referrals for pre-need planning, advanced life planning, case management, social services, and a way to access legal assistance through Legal Shield

It has been said that love isn’t love until you give it away. It is our hope that you will have the conversation with your family, your friends, your loved ones and your professional team (healthcare providers, attorney, etc.). Write your wishes, your love notes, your thoughts in your love book and give it to them.

We want to encourage and support everyone to gain more clarity and insight on the need to be proactive in dealing with this very difficult topic…we want you to begin having…

The LOVE Talk
(A family guide for handling your affairs)

For more information on the book, call the office at 937 305-7768 or email us at ROAP@amoreXcellentway.com.

Loretta Lenord,
Division Manager

Deborah R. McMullen,
LegalShield Independent Associate